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About Us

When I first conceptualized the idea for E’lur I was a consumer buying bracelets and not quite finding anything that really spoke to me from a cultural standpoint. So in 2015 I decided that it was time to feed my creative beast as it were and put forth an offering that not only spoke to me from the culture aspect but also from a place that was relatable to both myself and my peers and E’lur Wrist Designs was born. E’lur is about style, things that work on all levels, pieces that are timeless as well as contemporary. Fashion is whats next, temporary and fleeting whereas style is perpetual, lasting and solid. E’lur is more than just bracelets. It’s a state of mind that speaks to the consciousness of a generation. The people who proudly wear our designs have elected to set themselves apart in every aspect of their lives. They are leaders, thinkers and statesmen who are shining examples to their family and friends that have decided that mediocrity is no longer an option and that excellence is now the status quo. E’lur has embarked upon a cultural awakening symbolized by our selection of bold statement pieces. Put another way E’lur is about being a better version of yourself we happen to also sell bracelets ….buy one and see. …Welcome to the World of E’lur.